Taking It One Day At A Time

Taking It One Day At A Time

You may have noticed the aerial photo on the homepage of ChaseSnider.com taken over Hammons Field. Where did it come from and why did I choose it?

Believe it or not I actually took that photo while hovering over Chestnut Expressway in a Mercy LifeLine medical helicopter. I’ve shared it in several different places recently because it signifies something very special to me about my current job as the Digital Content Producer for Journal Broadcast Group in Springfield.

From Standoffs To Helicopters

We all have parts of our jobs that are repetitive and dare I say it just plain boring. I haven’t been able to completely escape those either. However when people ask why I love my job one of my answers is always because it is a complete adventure as to what the week, or even day, will bring. It is no longer a surprise to go from covering a tense standoff to being in the clubhouse interviewing Cardinals Gold Glove catcher Yadier Molina.

This photo happened to be one of those days. KTTS Assistant News Director Nancy Simpson and I were invited to a media-only event celebrating a milestone in the Mercy LifeLine program. After some reassurance and getting past my fear of heights we took off over Springfield to see how the program worked and grab shot aerial shots of town.

You can check out that full gallery here.

Rigged up and ready to take off from the roof of Mercy Springfield's ER

Rigged up and ready to take off from the roof of Mercy Springfield’s ER

As a college student it is crazy to me to think I can go from buzzing around town on a helicopter, come back to the station to make plans for covering some of the biggest acts in country music and then walk into a class about business calculus.




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September 6, 2014