I run this year because St. Jude saved a friend’s life and I didn’t even know it.

I need your help to change the world

I need your help to change the world

Please click here to donate what you can and help me empower St. Jude to end childhood cancer! I need your help to change the world. First, let me backtrack to how I know we actually can. Let's take a little trip back to where my career began, in country radio....

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Central Digital Site Leader, Radio

Helping Scripps Media’s radio brands go deeper in their local markets by leading digital content strategy, supporting both market and central initiatives, as well as coaching local talent on best practices


Drury University Student

Senior studying Management, Marketing, Communication and anything else that comes my way. Proud to be a Panther and former Vice President of Communications for SGA.

Local Business Owner

Born in the Ozarks, serving the globe, Chaser Media provides social media marketing and website management expertise. Making Connections, Exceeding Expectations.


Award-winning photographer capturing the world around me with whatever tools I can find. Subjects include people on fields, people on fire and people on stage. (Otherwise known as sports, breaking news and concerts)

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Drury Student, Central Digital Leader (Scripps Radio), Local Business Owner