“Experience is not what happens to a man; it is what a man does with what happens to him.”

– Aldous Huxley

Finding Happiness In The Moment

Finding Happiness In The Moment

Find small ways to break the stereotype. Social media can be a powerful tool for creating connections and fostering engagement. It can also be a filter that steals us from the moments that matter. Take a step back and find the happiness in those moments.

Jim Silkenat and Cleaning Your Glasses

Jim Silkenat and Cleaning Your Glasses

This past week I had the pleasure of meeting immediate-past American Bar Association (ABA) President Jim Silkenat twice thanks to one of my mentors and close friends Crista Hogan, current Executive Director of the Springfield Metropolitan Bar Association (SMBA), A...

The Art of Social Media

I often get asked what is the secret or shortcut to success on social media. My answer: If you have to ask, you are already going in the wrong direction. My background makes me feel as if I am fairly versed in social media but at the same time I know I have barely...

Mindfulness + Leadership

Mindfulness + Leadership

The burden of responsible leadership rests on the shoulders of the leader. That's why as we prepare ourselves to be responsible leaders we must arm ourselves with all of the resources and knowledge we can find at our disposal to be the most effective leaders possible....

Meet Chase

Chase Snider

Chase Snider

I'm Chase Snider. I am Central Digital Site Leader for the radio division of the E.W. Scripps company. I'm driven by a passion for leading innovate teams and six years of digital experience. Currently, I also attend Drury University in Springfield, Mo. studying Management, Marketing and Communication. When I'm not on the clock I am supporting #CardinalNation! My strengths (as defined by my Strength Quest include Achiever, Futuristic, Relator, Strategic, and Responsibility)

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  • Hanging at the #POTUS desk from The West Wing...“You’ve got a red phone? Mine’s bigger & can deliver Diet Cokes!” #MAGA #ChaseGoesToCali

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